Magical gay anal sex ,is there even such a thing and with a male escort ? Yes, yes there is, and if you’re reading this, I’m suspecting you’re curious as to how to experience it.

Firstly, allow me to address those of you who don’t enjoy anal, or those of you who refuse to even go there.I want you to know it’s ok that you don’t like it, ‘cos let’s face it, not everyone likes everything. And if you refuse to try it, that’s ok too, consider though that after reading this your thoughts may change and you may feel yourself open to the possibility of experience anal sex for the first time.

So, what are the basics of magical anal sex and why is it so damn magical?

Justin and Jody has developed a practical 5 step programme for those who want to try it, or those who want it to be a super powerful and pleasurable sexual experience.

Visit our gallery to see what we look like up close and call / text or WhatsApp on 071 550 1207 to make a booking, we can host & travel.

Like anything, it’s really important that you don’t rush into anal before you are really, really turned on and ready. So gentleman, that’s why at the Justin and Jody house we take our time with you and start with a 4 hand nude massage and exciting foreplay  we never under any circumstances think it’s ok just to shove a cock in within minutes.

Learn more about our safe, clean and luxury venue by clicking on the higlighted link or select VENUE from the drop down menu, we travel discreetly and in some cases a travel deposit may be required. We also offer special fantasy sessions , sessions designed for first-timers and well thought through couples sessions.

Anal sex will never be pleasurable if you’re not completely relaxed in your mind and body. So, if you’re feeling super uptight and stressed, I encourage you even more to visit Wildeboys to chill out (in life, and in the bedroom). And when you are ready to surrender to anal sex we will be there to guide you through it.

Anal can be an immensely sensual and spiritual sexual experience. When a man takes a man deep inside him it can bring about an opening and a surrender that he has never experienced before… endless.