Rates and availability may vary depending on the day, time of day of your booking, services you’d like to use and whether you’d like to come to our venue or have us travel to you. Travel booking pricing is also dependent on where we will be traveling too.


We ask that you will call for a detailed quote and to confirm a booking. (Please have the day and time you plan to visit in mind)

We believe in service that’s not only professional but also phenomenal and for this reason we don’t offer sessions or pricing that is “one size fits all”.

Calls from ‘hidden’ or ‘private’ numbers will not be answered. We strive to deliver the highest quality service and only the highest quality of products are used and for this reason our basic rates are not negotiable.

We are 100% disease free and clean, we expect the same from you and ask that you inform us about any health concerns that you might have. Also see our HEALTH INFO PAGE.

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