When booking a session with Justin and Jody Wilde you have the peace of mind that you will be received in a safe and clean environment by well experienced hands. We will have all the necessary goods at hand like creams, oils, towels, condoms and even toys. If you have a special brand of oil, toy or condom you prefer using please feel welcome to bring these along.

Have a shower before you come or feel free to take a shower at our venue before and/or after our session. You might get a bit excited on your way here so especially with the uncut guys, use the bathroom before the session starts, pull back that foreskin and rinse well with clean warm water.

Don’t be shy and don’t be nervous and definitely don’t hold back in showing off the goods, remember the Justin & Jody house is a judgment free zone.

One of the most commonly asked questions is: How to properly clean your ass before anal sex?

The water enema is a easy, safe and quick way of doing this. You can purchase a standard water enema kit at any chemist or drug store (They are often labeled as “hot water bottle with syringe”) or you can use the ‘hand shower’ as standard in most modern bathrooms. (If choosing to do this at home purchase a rectal tip or plug if your shower hose does not have a safe end)

Use lukewarm water only. Clean the rectal tip or the end that will be going into your hole with a mild disinfectant like Detol or Savlon before and after the process. Have a little lube, KY Jelly or cream at hand and make sure your ass is well lubricated to allow the rectal tip or hose to enter you slightly. Make sure the force of the water is not too strong.

Fill the rectum with Luke warm water (be careful not to overdo it) hold for a few seconds and release in the toilet. You will most probably have to repeat this process 3 to 4 times depending on the day and your diet.

If circumstances do not allow for you to do this at home or you will be coming directly from the office don’t worry we have douche / cleaning facilities at the Justin & Jody house; please mention that you would like to use these when you make your booking so that we can have things prepared for you.

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