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Month: November 2017

Double white guys for black friday!

Get double the value with two hung white guys in 4 hand nude male for male massage this black friday in Johannesburg and Pretoria areas host or travel.

Justin & Jody Wilde, South Africa’s leading gay male escorts and nude maseurs offer you sessions designed especially for that first time, sessions to discover your fantasies and increase the kink or even sessions with couples play in mind.

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Visit our Gallery and read more about us. See what others had to say in our reviews.

Call us on 071 550 1207 for a detailed quote and to confirm a booking {Pricing depends on the day and time of day you make a booking as well as which services you would like to make use of}

Massage, Grooming, Play and now Erotica Spa Experience 

If you are looking for a gay male escort or masseuse in Johannesburg or Pretoria this week and you want an experience that’s not only professional but also intimate, kinky and phenomenal Justin & Jody Wilde is the right choice for you whether you want to come to our exclusive private venue or you want us to discreetly travel to your home or hotel.

We start our session with a 4 hand nude massage that will blow more than just your mind and we welcome first timers and couples too. Our live show lets you control the action or offers you the chance to join in. Two hung white versatile and clean guys to help you discover your fantasies

Need some manscaping? We offer grooming as part of our extended sessions for host and for travel on request. Foot pampering and facials can also be facilitated on request.

Pricing depends on the day and time of day that you would like to make a booking as well as the options you would like to make use of. Please call on 071 550 1207 for a detailed quote and to confirm a booking.

Visit our GALLERY page to see what we look like and our REVIEWS page to see what others had to say. We also offer special edging, discovering your fantasies and couples sessions. First time visitors also visit the how to prepare page.

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