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Two is better than one. Double the options and a varied approach. You don’t listen to your music in mono and you’d like to have a car with more than one airbag; why should your sexlife be any different? Our 4hand massage offers a sensory overload as you have 4hands at different intervals and your brain can’t predict where the next stroke will come from.

Safety first. Life is all about choice and options. Safe sex is about more than only slapping on a condom. Have a look at our health info page and explore the different options and how you too can bare it all.

Pricing depends on the day, time of day you would like to book as well as which options you would like to make use of. Please call on 071 550 1207 for a detailed quote and to confirm a booking.

Visit our GALLERY page to see what we look like and our REVIEWS page to see what others had to say. We also offer special edging, discovering your fantasies and couples sessions.

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