Your body might do the ejaculation but your mind triggers the orgasm.

We want to take you to the edge! Whether it will be through an edging or a fantasy session, with whips and chains or vanilla with some strawberries we have you covered (or breeded :p) even if you are a couple.

Our business is doing pleasure with you and we can go from mild to wild. Role play? ‘CUM’ and ride the boys next door…

There are a lot of people out there who think that fantasizing, adding a bit of kink or role play isn’t for them. It seems to silly, too cliche or perhaps even just too complicated.

With fantasizing, role-play and even with kink you can go from mild to very wild and a visit to Justin and Jody will be a perfect and a safe place to start and it might be just what you need to broaden those sexual horizons.

For most of you being with two hung studs at the same time will be all the spice you need (for now) or perhaps as a couple you’d like to explore playing with another couple without the risk of any unwanted strings attached in the future.

Perhaps you’d like to try some toys but what to use and when? Let Justin & Jody guide you to a new sexual peak.

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Pricing depends on the day, time of day you would like to book as well as which options you would like to make use of. Please call on 071 550 1207 for a detailed quote and to confirm a booking.

Make your next male to male escort session with Justin & Jody Wilde and experience our 4 hand nude male massage.