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Month: May 2017

Men seeking men: Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion, Pretoria.

You are a man seeking men, a rentboy, a gay male escort or male masseur in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand or Johannesburg. Wildeboys should be your first and only choice. Why?

Two is better than one. Double the options and a varied approach. You don’t listen to your music in mono and you’d like to have a car with more than one airbag; why should your sexlife be any different? Our 4hand massage offers a sensory overload as you have 4hands at different intervals and your brain can’t predict where the next stroke will come from.

Safety first. Life is all about choice and options. Safe sex is about more than only slapping on a condom. Have a look at our health info page and explore the different options and how you too can bare it all.

Pricing depends on the day, time of day you would like to book as well as which options you would like to make use of. Please call on 071 550 1207 for a detailed quote and to confirm a booking.

Visit our GALLERY page to see what we look like and our REVIEWS page to see what others had to say. We also offer special edging, discovering your fantasies and couples sessions.

So if you find yourself in Johannesburg, Sandton, Pretoria or Midrand and in need of a male escort or nude massage contact Justin & Jody Wilde

It’s normal to be kinky! (Kink Factor part 2)

Every guy has a little kink they’d like to explore. Some guys do and some guys don’t but it’s completely normal and healthy to be interested in something a little more “atypical”.

There is more to you than your sexual preference. There is more to you than being top, bottom or versatile. You don’t have to be defined by how you like to screw.

As a man you can be multi-orgasmic: at the Justin & Jody House we now offer this as part of our “kink-sessions”. This can enhance your sex life two fold. It might take a bit of time and it usually takes a bit of practice and a few sessions but it is well worth it in the end.

Visit our gallery page to see what we look like and our about page to read what we are all about. To see what others had to say also check out our reviews page, find out about our venue and dont forget our Health Info Section for your peace of mind.

Call on 071 550 1207 to make a booking 

Poppers is another way to kink things up. Yes, poppers is a real thing and it’s completely legal; you can buy it over the counter at any ‘sexshop’ if you use them sparingly they can be very helpful to relax you before sex, especially if you plan to bottom.

In conclusion another kink factor to remember is that “Age is just a number” Yes, always abide by the legal age limit and remember that sex with older guys and younger guys than you especially thrown into a mix together bring different flavors to the feast. Ask Justin & Jody about a group session (please note that group sessions are only done by prior appointment and for regular clients. Our normal duo session is available to new clients and newbies or couples but don’t be shy to contact us and to ask). So don’t let you age hold you back!

Book your kink session and male to male nude massage with Wildeboys male escorts and masseurs today.

New venue Centurion!!! Male escort and massage Gauteng.

Finding yourself in Centurion and surrounds in need of a nude massage or gay male escort rentboy ? Good news! Justin and Jody Wilde ads the all new Centurion venue for your convenience.

If you would like to know more about us visit our Gallery and read more about us here on our blog. See what others had to say in our reviews

We also offer special edging, discovering your fantasies and couples sessions.

Safe parking, clean bathroom & shower facilities and a climate controlled play room are all part of what you’ve come to expect from the Wildeboys SA’s leading gay male escorts and masseurs.

Your mind triggers the orgasm! (Kink Factor part 1)

Your body might do the ejaculation but your mind triggers the orgasm.

We want to take you to the edge! Whether it will be through an edging or a fantasy session, with whips and chains or vanilla with some strawberries we have you covered (or breeded :p) even if you are a couple.

Our business is doing pleasure with you and we can go from mild to wild. Role play? ‘CUM’ and ride the boys next door…

There are a lot of people out there who think that fantasizing, adding a bit of kink or role play isn’t for them. It seems to silly, too cliche or perhaps even just too complicated.

With fantasizing, role-play and even with kink you can go from mild to very wild and a visit to Justin and Jody will be a perfect and a safe place to start and it might be just what you need to broaden those sexual horizons.

For most of you being with two hung studs at the same time will be all the spice you need (for now) or perhaps as a couple you’d like to explore playing with another couple without the risk of any unwanted strings attached in the future.

Perhaps you’d like to try some toys but what to use and when? Let Justin & Jody guide you to a new sexual peak.

Take a look at our GALLERY or visit the ABOUT US page to learn more about Justin & Jody and to see what others had to say also see the reviews page.

Pricing depends on the day, time of day you would like to book as well as which options you would like to make use of. Please call on 071 550 1207 for a detailed quote and to confirm a booking.

Make your next male to male escort session with Justin & Jody Wilde and experience our 4 hand nude male massage.

The gay FUN Factory – Wildeboys gay sex gone wild!

End you long weekend with a bang, a gang bang! Call Justin & Jody Wilde in Johannesburg now on 071 550 1207 and get in on all the action!

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