So you’ve know for a while now that you like cock, you have secretly fantasized about riding a cock, submitting to that daddy master or pounding a cute twink ass. There will come a day and time when your true nature calls.

Yet something is holding you back; you’re still a virgin. You might be a complete virgin or a virgin to a gay or bi-experience.

You’ve tried to suppress it but your soldier is not backing down; your body needs the touch of another man and you desire the taste of a huge dick in your mouth.

Your first time is going to be a memorable experience, it’s up to you if that’s gonna be a good or a not so good experience.

We suggest you make your first time with Justin & Jody Wilde. Well trained and experienced hands to guide you through it and teach you some of the finer skills. Most importantly it will be done safely and without judgment.

Nobody wants their first time to be with some random skank who might be more clumsy than you and ends up giving you an unwanted ‘gift’ as a memory too. (also visit our Health Info Page)

Justin & Jody enjoying their hot tub

It will only be your first time once so you better make it count! Spoil yourself in this, you deserve it.

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