So you are fairly attractive, perhaps even very attractive. Successful in your career and have a good social life. Why would you book a session with a male escort?

The answer is quite simple, it’s uncomplicated!
You have a busy lifestyle and a demanding schedule. You don’t have the time for games, spending hours in bars and clubs to eventually end up with a 50% (or less) chance of getting what you want.

If you pick the right male escort  you are more likely to end up with a safe, clean guy who is able to perform than you would be going with the local slut from the club down the road and you are guaranteed not to have the unwanted strings still attached the day, week or even month after.

You know what you want and what you need and you want the luxury to choose exactly that without any or much compromise.

What about the price tag you say? Well if you are going to go the traditional way chances are you are going to end up paying for their dinner and / or drinks anyway so basically you’re still going to pay.

Perhaps you like variety. You might not want this fact to be common knowledge and you like your privacy; unlike dating booking a rentboy  offers you a certain level of anonymity and discretion.

Perhaps you just want to try something new or different? Booking a callboy has a certain charm to it. It’s like the charm of New York City. Some say the charm of NYC is that your surrounded by things you can’t have. We think it’s real charm is that it makes you believe that you can have them.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try being with more than one guy at once. Getting like-minded guys could perhaps prove difficult and even more difficult to find two guys that you are actually in to. 

Jody and Justin  offer a HOT DUO that caters just for that need and if y’re a couple looking to spice things up this might be the perfect way to do it without the fear of outside interference in your relationship.

In the end we regret more the things that we didn’t do than the things we did so the question you really need to ask is: Why not book a callboy?

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