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Month: December 2016

More than 50 shades of Wilde – Your ‘new year’ at a climax

Waking up sexualy and embracing your love of the male body whether gay, bisexual or straight but curious  can be good for your heart, body and mind.

Make one of your resolutions for 2017 to expand your sexual horizons and to discover the peaks of multiple orgasm. Perhaps it’s time you explore the waters of role-play … Will you be the master or the slave?

Have you discovered the true meaning of tantric man play…

Do you know how size matters and how to use the motion of the ocean to climb to that climax?

Book your couples, edging or fantasy sessions today by calling 071 550 1207 for rates and to discuss the options 

We will be in Johannesburg and Pretoria till 7 January and back in Cape Town from 8 January 2017

Ask about our luxury accommodation and erotic tour guide option if you would like a weekend erotic visit to Cape Town.

Super Tantric Year End Bang Fantasy Special 

End 2016 with a group bang 4hand massage with your tantric fantasy gay escort legends Justin and Jody Wilde.

Feel like a celebrity as we celebrate our last two weeks in Johannesburg and Pretoria with special rates and extended sessions.

Visit our Gallery and read more about us here on our blog. See what others had to say in our reviews. We hope to see you soon.

Call on 071 550 1207 to make a booking 

Happy Horny Holidays 

Justin & Jody Wilde would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

If you happen to find yourself in Johannesburg or Pretoria these Holidays we are available to host or travel.

Call  071 550 1207 to make a booking and for a detailed quote 

An epic state of relaxation and pampering -the Wilde duo.

With our 4 hand massage you will be transported  to a place of ultimate relaxation.

Need some grooming? Justin & Jody offer you a manscaping option thats done right and to your satisfaction.

Our live show, couples and edging sessions have made us legendary…

Have a look at our GALLERY and read our REVIEWS, also see why we are your safest option on our Health Info Page and learn more about our venue.

Contact Us today to make your booking on 071 550 1207

About that first time with your male escort and that nude massage…

So you’ve know for a while now that you like cock, you have secretly fantasized about riding a cock, submitting to that daddy master or pounding a cute twink ass. There will come a day and time when your true nature calls.

Yet something is holding you back; you’re still a virgin. You might be a complete virgin or a virgin to a gay or bi-experience.

You’ve tried to suppress it but your soldier is not backing down; your body needs the touch of another man and you desire the taste of a huge dick in your mouth.

Your first time is going to be a memorable experience, it’s up to you if that’s gonna be a good or a not so good experience.

We suggest you make your first time with Justin & Jody Wilde. Well trained and experienced hands to guide you through it and teach you some of the finer skills. Most importantly it will be done safely and without judgment.

Nobody wants their first time to be with some random skank who might be more clumsy than you and ends up giving you an unwanted ‘gift’ as a memory too. (also visit our Health Info Page)

Justin & Jody enjoying their hot tub

It will only be your first time once so you better make it count! Spoil yourself in this, you deserve it.

Visit our Gallery and read more about us here on our blog. See what others had to say in our reviews. We hope to see you soon.

Call on 071 550 1207 to make a booking 

Why visit a gay male escort?

So you are fairly attractive, perhaps even very attractive. Successful in your career and have a good social life. Why would you book a session with a male escort?

The answer is quite simple, it’s uncomplicated!
You have a busy lifestyle and a demanding schedule. You don’t have the time for games, spending hours in bars and clubs to eventually end up with a 50% (or less) chance of getting what you want.

If you pick the right male escort  you are more likely to end up with a safe, clean guy who is able to perform than you would be going with the local slut from the club down the road and you are guaranteed not to have the unwanted strings still attached the day, week or even month after.

You know what you want and what you need and you want the luxury to choose exactly that without any or much compromise.

What about the price tag you say? Well if you are going to go the traditional way chances are you are going to end up paying for their dinner and / or drinks anyway so basically you’re still going to pay.

Perhaps you like variety. You might not want this fact to be common knowledge and you like your privacy; unlike dating booking a rentboy  offers you a certain level of anonymity and discretion.

Perhaps you just want to try something new or different? Booking a callboy has a certain charm to it. It’s like the charm of New York City. Some say the charm of NYC is that your surrounded by things you can’t have. We think it’s real charm is that it makes you believe that you can have them.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try being with more than one guy at once. Getting like-minded guys could perhaps prove difficult and even more difficult to find two guys that you are actually in to. 

Jody and Justin  offer a HOT DUO that caters just for that need and if y’re a couple looking to spice things up this might be the perfect way to do it without the fear of outside interference in your relationship.

In the end we regret more the things that we didn’t do than the things we did so the question you really need to ask is: Why not book a callboy?

Take a moment and have a look at our Gallery and M2M Service Info pages. Also don’t forget to follow us on twitter:

Call 071 550 1207 to make a booking 

How long will you go this long weekend?

Its a long weekend in South Africa and its time to spoil yourself with an edging session by your favorite gay male escorts and masseurs Justin & Jody Wilde.

Check out our GALLERY and REVIEWS and book your FANTASY session today!

Available at exclusive venue or can discreetly travel to your home or hotel cal 071 550 1207 to make your booking 

Gay male escorts this XMAS in Johannesburg and Pretoria. (Why choose Wilde?)

When making your choice of male escorts or nude masseurs this festive season in Pretoria or Johannesburg there are a few things you’d like to consider.

1. Safety – Yes we know you want to relax and have fun but you want to have it safely, discreetly and without unnecessary strings attached.

You want to have it in a venue that is clean, upmarket and with safe parking. Wildeboys care about your safety and your privacy and our venue is immaculate . 

We also know that you want your fantasy done right and we are experienced in bringing these factors together in perfect harmony.

2. Verity – It’s true, verity is the spice of life and Justin & Jody can go from mild to ‘wilde’. The best of both worlds and double the experience and value. Starting with the 4hand massage, edging or fantasy sessions and even sets designed especially for couples it’s never bland and gives you more.

3. Healthy – Things are going to get physical and when you plan to get physical with someone you need to know a few things about them. Both Justin & Jody are clean of any disease and tested every 3 weeks. 

Please also visit our Health Info Page to see some of the ways we go that extra mile to keep the touch safe.

4. Reliability – often overlooked this is an important factor; you’ve planned your little treat for some time or the opportunity to indulge has presented itself unexpectedly. 

You want an escort or masseur who will be on time and give you accurate information and directions. You want to use someone who has a solid reputation and who is clearly not a fly-by-night with nothing to lose by compromising quality, discretion and safety.

 Your first choice should be SA’s leading gay male escorts Justin & Jody Wilde.

5. Location – 5min closer might not be half as good. In our age of satnav and modern hiways an extra few minutes of travelling time might be well worth it to get to the right match for you. You would not have your wedding at McDonalds because the perfect venue is a few kilometres or a few minutes farther, would you ? 

Take a few minutes and have a look at our GALLERY also read our REVIEWS and find out about our RATES. To learn even more spend some time here on our blog and visit all our information packed pages filled with naughty treats.

To make a booking please call us on 071 550 1207 or visit the contact page.

Table, bed, prepared. Male massage in Cape Town.

Guy on guy, skin on skin, your nude male massage m2m action from SA’s leading gay male escorts at exclusive Cape Town venue.

From mild to wild, vanilla to full spice. Choose your bed or table massage with four hands and expect more. Special sessions  for couples or ‘group-play’. 

Discover the art of Edging or learn how role-play is really done. Find out about the Modern Boyfriend Experience 

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Justin & Jody Wilde SA’s leading gay male escorts and masseurs would like to invite you to take a look at our GALLERY and our VENUE PAGE. See what all the fuss is about and also read what others had to say on our REVIEWS page.

Call us on 071 550 1207 to make a booking or see our CONTACT page 😉

Can you kink it up? Your ultimate m2m escort massage experience!

Finding yourself in Johannesburg or Pretoria this weekend in need of a male on male massage or escort? Feel like turning up the kink a notch? 

Two guys, two flavours and thats only where the fun starts: From Edging, light bondage bdsm sessions to good old classic vanilla or a session designed with couples in mind Justin & Jody wilde start all our sessions with a 4 hand nude ‘show&play’ massage.

Spend some time here on our blog and see what we are all about, browse our gallery and see our reviews.

Justin & Jody

Call on 071 550 1207 to make a booking or also see our rates page for additional info

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